Discover Parang

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The Project

We love climbing mountains and living outdoors, as much as we love design. As a design studio, our focus is not mainly concentrated on client work, because we also believe in the importance of personal projects.

So we combined our two passions under one mountain education project, focused in inspiring people to start embracing nature as a source of well-being and inspiration and also promoting one of Romania's most under-promoted mountain ranges, the Parâng Mountains.

So, Discover Parâng was born.

We believe in the power of functional visual communication and this is the premise on which we built our project's identity. Easy to remember, easy to adapt, yet breathable and non invasive.

Considering that te aim of the project is to encourage a healthier way of life through organized outdoor activities, camps and workshops, while discovering the beauty of the Parâng Mountains, we grouped each activity under a specific chromatic declination of the main logo.

Each sector (winter sports, biking, trail running, paragliding and hiking) has a specific color combination that will be applied on every design asset: mugs, pins, technical t-shirts that tourists will receive when attending the events.